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Do you have a new product idea for your company
that you haven't been able to launch yet?

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t's not unusual for a great product idea, or the upgrading of a present product, to be temporarily or even permanently shelved because you lack the needed resources. It may be that you don't have the required personnel, equipment, or maybe you're just too busy with current product developments and normal day to day operations to be able to finally move ahead on your ideas.

Midwest Controls is an electronic design, hardware and software, consulting and manufacturing firm that specializes in working with other companies to turn those good ideas into new or improved product realities.

Midwest will be there for every step it takes to transform your product from just a glimmer in the eye, all the way to the completely packaged, thoroughly tested product in your warehouse, and ready to ship to your customers. We start by helping you define a specification for your product. We continue with complete hardware and microprocessor software design, complete packaging including materials choices and art graphics. If you like, we'll help you write the operation manuals or even do them completely. We'll do all of the above, or just part of it, depending on your individual needs.

Whether your product is a simple non-microprocessor design, or a more complex design requiring a microprocessor, your new product will be professionally designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. Perhaps the best part is that this will all be done for a cost that is probably much less than you would expect.

Our client companies cross the technology spectrum from one end to the other. Completely non-electronic industries with no electronic experience or production facilities have used us to provide them with the electronics needed to greatly increase their market share by adding the power of a microprocessor to their product line. High tech companies have asked us to help them meet deadlines or to get a new product idea off the ground.

Here at Midwest Controls, one our key words is 'flexibility'. Our experience has taught us that the companies we work for can be vastly different, one from another. Each has its own products, procedures, financial aspects and philosophies of doing business. In order to accommodate such variety, we need to be extremely flexible and sensitive to the particular needs of our client companies.

Your product ideas will always be treated with strict confidentiality, and you can be assured that you, and you alone will receive the full credit for any design that we do for you. No portion of the equipment will carry any hint of Midwest Controls. We fully understand that we are working for you. Most companies are out there trying to build a big name for themselves. At Midwest Controls, we're out to build a big name for you!

The first step in finally getting that exciting new product off the ground is simple. Call Rick Pinter, at (414) 694-7703 and schedule an appointment. If you prefer, we can just discuss your requirement over the phone. As is often the case, we will probably be able to offer suggestions for additional features that could be added to your product. Whether you decide to pursue your product idea with us or not, this consultation is without cost or obligation.

ere are just a few reasons why we think you'll be glad that you chose us to be your electronic design and manufacturing vendor.

We're professionals with considerable experience in the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of electronic equipment.

We're extremely responsive to our customer's needs.

We're located close by.When you need us, we'll be there . . . fast!No excuses, just solutions.

Just give us a call, and we will be glad to give you a list of companies, names and phone numbers as references.

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7815 113th Avenue
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
TEL 262-694-7703
FAX 262-694-2498

You'll find that working with us will be an unexpected pleasure.

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